OBJECTIVE:  To foster beauty, safety, goodwill, character, and contentment in and about the City of Highland.

MAKEUP:  The committee is a seven member board appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent from the City Council.  One member shall be appointed from the public works department.  The City Council shall also appoint one of its own members as a nonvoting liaison to be committee.


The purpose of the committee is to oversee and make recommendations to the City Council regarding the beautification and the aesthetics of The City. 

Recommend, develop, support, implement programs and activities to promote community awareness and participation in city beautification, and help maintain the aesthetics of Highland City.

Assist in the planning, coordinating and actual planting and maintaining of flowers and gardens in and on public lands and organizing volunteers in completing the projects.

Make improvements to landscaped areas owned by the city.

Establish, administer, and publicize the annual city wide Yard-of-the-Month recognition program. (Recognitions may be extended to businesses and rental properties as well as single-family dwellings, may recognize entire neighborhoods or districts, and may be seasonal in nature--e.g. awards for well-manicured yards during spring and summer months, and for properties with beautiful, unusual, and/or extraordinary holiday decorations during fall and winter months, etc.)

Recommend to the Parks and Recreation Department for park site amenities and improvements.

Make an annual report to the City Council on all activities of the committee of the past year, and make recommendations to the City Council on issues pertaining to the committee’s mission and responsibilities and to enhance and preserve the aesthetics of private and public properties.