Proposed purpose:

The Highland City Economic Development Committee is to work proactively to promote, encourage, and facilitate the development of responsible and properly planned business and employment growth within The City in order to expand and strengthen the local economy and diversify the community’s tax base.

Expected results from the newly formed committee:

1.       Create an Economic Development Plan with the following elements:

a.       Current and future market analysis

b.      S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) Study in conjunction with key business leaders

c.       Creation of a city brand

d.      Creation of a city economic profile (demographics, education, income, housing types, etc.)

e.      Target business identification

f.        Economic development location identification

g.       Creation of a marketing plan

h.      Implementation plan with specific goals to measure progress

2.       Prepare a brochure supporting “Sunday Closing” and how to still promote, entice, and obtain new businesses for Highland City.

3.       Identify and recruit potential business

4.       Work with the Chamber of Commerce to promote, expand, and retain current businesses

5.       Encourage resident business leaders’ investment in The City.

6.       Include City Community Development Director on committee