George Washington Kneeling Like the individual notes of a beautiful hymn, the stories surrounding the birth our nation and its continued history create an inspiring melody. Unfortunately, since the early 1900s stories illustrating the hand of Providence and the faith of our founders have been systematically removed from the texts used to teach our children. We have now reached the point that those who hold that our founders had an abiding faith in God and that this belief was reflected in our founding documents are held in derision at our schools and universities. What was once a majestic hymn has now become an empty melody which lacks the power to inspire and lift.

We at Freedom Notes believe that bringing to light this lost history will play a vital role in restoring the values and traditions which made our country great. Much of the content found herein comes from speeches and papers written by Ron Mann an authority on the Constitution and Founding Fathers. Please feel free to share the information found on this site with others.